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Looking for a competitive price on boat and yacht insurance for your customers? Looking for higher commission
on your current book of boat and yacht insurance? Bridge Marine Insurance is the right place for your business.
Not only does Bridge Marine Insurance specialize in the marine industry – we also know what it means to work
as a retail agent. By providing access to our online forms that you can fill out and submit via email, we simplify
the process for you. That means your customers get a product with value and coverage and you reduce agency
workflow. Looking to quote a boat or yacht policy – you can quote with us online to start the binding process.
The quote is done in real time so you can give your customer a quote while they are sitting with you.

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You can complete our online Broker Application to become an appointed broker with Bridge Marine Insurance.
You can also access our Agent/Broker of Record Change form for your convenience.

If you are interested in placing commercial marine exposures including marinas and boat dealers, please email

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Boat Liability Insurance
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Boat Insurance Company
boat insurance quotes
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Boat Insurance Quotes
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