Receive an instant quote on boat insurance for your specific
boating needs. Get started today!

Power boat. Sail boat. Yacht. Mega Yacht. Personal Watercraft. You name it, we can insure it.

You’re passionate about your boat – about the water. We are too! At Bridge Marine Insurance we understand that you invest
a lot of time and money into your boat. What’s more? We understand that you want to enjoy your boat. Let Bridge Marine
Insurance take care of the insurance so you can take care of enjoying the water. Go catch a fish. We’ll make sure you have
coverage for your hull. Go enjoy the beauty of an ocean sunset. We’ll make sure you have coverage for your personal property
on the boat.

We also offer peace of mind value to your policy. File an online interactive float plan with us and we will maintain it on file for
you. Fill out an online Self Survey and we’ll review it for you and make recommendations for you and keep it on file for insurance
purposes. Need to make a change to your policy? Log on to complete our online forms and a member of our team will contact
you to verify that it has been done. It’s that simple. Really. Now get an online quote and go enjoy your boat.

Leave the insurance to us. We’ll leave the enjoyment and fun up to you.

It’s more fun when you’re covered. Trust us.

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